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Color Theory Made Easy

This book and eBook presents an alternative approach that cuts  through the tangle of established  concepts and gives the artist a universal theory that really applies to their work. $19.50 includes shipping and handling.

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About Book & eBook
How To Mix Colors

This book and eBooks explains how to mix colors using 15 artist paint colors in relation to the Ames color wheel. $14.50 includes shipping and handling.

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The Ames COLORWHEEL is an 8-1/2″ circular color wheel with a movable dial on both sides. There are 24 pure hue colors located on the outside edge of the circular color wheel The front side is 100% pure hues. The cut out on the front side dial shows 30% & 50% shades of the selected color. All the colors come from various percentages of cyan, magenta, and yellow (CMY). The three circular codes show the percentages of CMY of the selected color. The back side displays 50% tints of the 24 pure hues. $15.50 includes shipping and handling.


The Ames COLORWHEEL & COLORCHART is an 8-1/2″ tertiary color wheel on one side and a color chart on the back side. It shows the four groups of hue in the gray backgrounds. Each of the twelve colors shows a pure hue and four shaded hues. The color chart shows the 12 pure hues with tinted & shaded hues in 10% increments. $12.50 includes shipping and handling.